November 15, 2010

Animal Classification--Birds, Part One

I know, I know, you are expecting something terribly creative. However, the first day of "birds," I was more interested in laying the foundation than exploring our creativity.

So while it is not the most exciting day of our bird studies, it was most useful and was enjoyed by all of us.

Day One
: Read through some great books about birds. We liked Wildlife Watchers: Birds by Terry Jennings.

We also liked: Usborne Discovery: Birds by Gillian Doherty.

Then, fill out the "bird" section on your chart with all the information you learned.
I know, I know. Not that exciting. However, laying the foundation is a good idea because on the other days we could refer back and reinforce our new knowledge as we talked more about birds. Miriam refers regularly to the chart. I love wall charts.

Both books are available from the Davis County Library system. Just go here.

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  1. i've already cleared a wall in the hall for this. can't wait to start it. brilliant idea considering how many children's books are animal based...good cross reference.