November 29, 2010

Other Bird Ideas

We have, quite reluctantly, come to the end of the bird section of animal classification. I'll be posting about fish on here pretty soon but before I do, I thought I'd share a few other bird ideas. Of course, if you type in "bird craft" in google, you get a gazillion ideas. Whatever floats your children's boats.

Idea One: Make a Bird Feeder.

I found instructions for the simplest bird feeder possible online. Then Timothy made it with the children. They loved it.

Disregard the bowl: Emeline was just licking it for any remnants of yummy stuff. It has nothing to do with birds and a lot to do with candy apple pie.
I just think she's pretty.
Pouring in the birdseed.
The steps include saving a juice/milk bottle of some sort. Sticking some sort of perch through the bottom, cutting holes for the birds to reach through for bird seed, filling it with bird seed, and hanging it outside. Simple, simple. Perfect for the youngest academics.
Idea Two: Send your child outside with a camera to try and take pics of local birds.

I know the top picture doesn't contain a bird, but I think it is a pretty great picture nonetheless. Besides, getting a bird in a picture was much harder than I would have guessed. When I tried I failed miserably. Miriam at least got the bird pictured below and a few great pics out of it.

Idea Three: Paper Plate Birds in a Nest Craft for Kids.

Go to this site: It has some really great bird crafts. My favorite is the Paper Plate Birds in a Nest. We didn't do this craft because it was beyond my crafting ability, but I think it looks like a lot of fun. If you aren't craft-handicapped, you might really like this site.

And that is it for birds. Hope you're having fun!

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