November 18, 2010

Science, simplified.

hello, it's becky from here.
we've started a new "science" book
and i thought i'd give it a review for you'all.

here it is:


here is our first experiment:


basically, we watched fruit rot
so as to learn about the role of "skin"
and the effect the air has on the fruit.


1. allow kids to peel and cut banana into pieces
(i cut up the apple)
2. allow kids to pound the vit. C tablet to powder
(and kids love a big metal meat tenderizer)
3. rub one apple piece with vit. C and one with orange juice
4. plate banana and oranges


and remember to observe periodically
throughout the day
excessive enthusiasm isn't necessary.

here is my review:

so, we love this book. in that i struggle to get away from the basics of math/reading/writing/art...this was such a perfect simple way to incoorporate science into our day. every lesson is simple, easy to prepare for and easy to accomplish with the kids. and they liked it.

now, i just have to figure out how to teach geography and history. more on that later.

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