November 3, 2010

Art Class by Becky

Art Lessons with Becky and her Kids and Some Friends:


so, i like art.
love art.
adore art.
and i like art history almost as much.
but the it is a season of holidays,
so instead of preparing a lesson on matisse's penchant for collage self-portraits,
we made collage pumpkins.


first, i scrounged up a bunch of magazines from the front and back bathrooms
(sad, i know...does it make you feel better that we read actual books outside of the commodes?)


and then i dug into my ever present stack of glue and glue sticks
and then found some scissors (though finger tearing makes for much better texture).


and lastly i printed out a silhouette of a pumpkin.
after cutting that out and gluing it onto the orange pieces of construction paper provided,
i started talking about what collage was, what texture was and then i showed them how to rip out all the pages with orange on them.


from there the kids were able to go to town and enjoy themselves.
i try to repeat the "lesson intent" a few times casually throughout the activity
and even pointed out all the different techniques everyone was using.


we are actually going to do the matisse self-portraits next week,
and i ordered some circle "dobber-thingies" for my pointillism lesson.
that one is going to be a favorite i think.
so, stay tuned...

so, on the next art post, would you want a detailed lesson plan
or is it enough to get inspired and do it yourself?
let me know, and i'll write it accordingly.
have a great week homeschooling.
it's worth all your love, attention, effort, patience and self-control.

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  1. I'm not "artsy" but I have a son who totally is, so details would be appreciated! :) :)

    Great idea to do a collage pumpkin. I'll be bookmarking this for next year!!

    Oh, this isn't Alan. This his wife, Lynette. Sorry for the mix-up there! :)