November 16, 2010

kinder math skillz...

well, we're a bunch of oral learners.
we can quiz each other all the day long and be happy as clams.
we can count forwards and backwards (getting there)
and sing about counting by tens,
and twos and fives...
but push comes to shove,
we need to really know what our numbers really look like.


so, when i saw this game on the clearance aisle at target, i had to jump on it.
(normaly $5, which seems pricey for a puzzle game)


first, i had the kids count and piece the two halves of each puzzle together.
they chose to attack this part as a team, each taking a job
which is good for the little one, in that she gets left behind a lot in the flow of a lesson.


and when they were done, i had them put them in order.
i was pleasantly surprised that they pretty much knew all their numbers by sight.
which is a shocker, considering how lazy i've been with them lately.
and luke only forgot "15" twice throughout the whole lesson.
this is good, in that luke and "15" seem to have a weird aversion to each other.

okay, all in all, i can see us using this once a week or so for review
and to encourage teamwork.
would i spend $5 on it?
probably not,
considering you can make this with a stack of index cards and stickers.
but if you ever see it on clearance and you have a some littles of your own to teach,
go ahead and scoop them up.
you'll enjoy it.

well, i should run.
my kids have decided to continue our science experiment this morning and are currently pulling all the condiments out of the fridge and mixing them together in massive bowl of water.
i know, dumb mommy.
but they left me alone for five minutes.
so there!

bye, have a good one.
enjoy what you do for your children,
and be blessed doing it.

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  1. I wouldn't mind one of those puzzles for Emeline--even though I know keeping the older two away from her so she could do it herself would be a titanic struggle.